Over the weekend there will be an array of Workshops to suit every taste. Details of these are published in the Festival programme;

Reg Meuross Question and Answer SessionAs one would expect, a session by our own patron Reg Meuross will bring a dynamic to the Festival like no other.  Reg has moved to this Q and A format following his incredible success at national festivals.  Reg’s worldwide experience in performance, coupled with his genius of writing and composing amazing and stimulating songs, will undoubtedly captivate those fortunate enough to attend this ‘workshop’.



For those who have often listened to and have aspirations of being able to play end enjoy the wonderful sounds of the Concertina, this Workshop is an absolute must! Under the banner of the WCCP ( West Country Concertina Players) , Mike Selly and colleagues will demonstrate and explain the workings and playing styles of these beautiful instruments with a ‘hands on’ approach.


Folk Fiddle Players for BeginnersUnder the guidance of the Devon based Trio ‘DEVONBIRD’ , the art of Fiddle playing will endear you you to the warmth and versatility of this fantastic and versatile instrument. Bring your fiddle and bow to learn the basics and or increase your playing ability.  Don’t possess a Fiddle? Come along and try one. You never know!!



A very special addition to this Workshop is an introduction to the Bouzouki  and for the guitarists, an insight into Drop D tunings.

At the request of many guitarists wishing to change direction, we’ve introduced a ‘Slide’ Guitar workshop by Garry ( Slide Guy) Smith

                                      The Art of Song Writing

The art of song writing has never been more entertaining than that demonstrated by the wonderfully gifted Polly Morris.

With a myriad of self penned hit albums, Polly lifts the art of songwriting with her innovative and comical approach. A truly funny yet talented writer and performer. Definitely a Workshop to raise your game and your spirits.





Dance workshops are always a favourite at Festivals and we are pleased to be able to offer a range of workshops to engage the most eclectic dance enthusiast. From Morris Dance led by Ian Cox,  to Clog, Irish  and Appalachian. Not forgetting the social dance steps of a Ceilidh instruction by Monty Crook accompanied by some of these experienced dancers and performers.

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Longsword Dance

The Long Sword dance is a hilt-and-point sword dance recorded mainly in Yorkshire, England. It is related to the rapper sword dance of Northumbria, but the character is fundamentally different as it uses rigid metal or wooden swords, rather than the flexible spring steel rappers used by its northern relation.

Ever wondered how they do it?  here’s your opportunity to learn.